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Courtney Seabrooks and her daughter Camilla Gold at home.

The strange house is a place for objects, adornments, sensible and beautiful, upscale décor.

I started selling because I've collected and designed in my own home for years and have a passion for it. I have a background in fine art painting and always needed a better place to experiment with art suited for the home. You can purchase my original paintings in the shop. My eye for design is inspired by mid-century and art-deco revival lines, Bauhaus minimalism, Scandinavian design, modern farm living, and old Europe.

For years, I worked in Los Angeles on film productions, sometimes in art department, where I would source props and set dressing for all kinds of sets, which I must say, only encouraged my love for interior design and collecting. I sit and envision the best use of space, color and furniture most places I go. You can see some of my "Before and After's" and also daily inspirations on the Strange House's Instagram stories.

Nowadays, I mostly work in independent film, I run my own businesses including a vintage clothing shop called
Paint & Plaster, and a creative design studio called New Old Studios.

Most importantly, I am a new mother. I have so much love for my baby daughter, Mila (Camilla Gold). It's an insane feeling to see her smile. You'll see me list some items for the kiddos in the stories too. I'll also occasionally post pictures of my family, our interiors, homesteading, you know, mama stuff.

My goal with The Strange House shop is to continue supplying clients and interior designers with original fine art paintings as well as the statement and practical pieces they need for their homes, both design and function. I am uploading furniture and oversized items sparingly as they are only available for local pickup in Oceanside, CA.

Your encouragement and purchases are keeping it going and I truly want to thank you all who have trusted me into your lives and homes.


- Courtney Seabrooks

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